About SleepCare

SleepCare, Sleep Disorders Centers, are private sleep laboratories dedicated to the highest level of service to patients and physicians. Our mission is the enhancement of health and quality of life through the restoration of normal sleep.

We accomplish this through diagnosis of sleep disorders at sleep laboratories in Stony Brook and Riverhead, N.Y. where highly qualified professional staff deliver the latest technology in beautiful, comfortable settings.

Our patients are uniquely supported after testing by licensed Respiratory Therapists and behavioral specialists who help bring about the highest therapeutic outcome possible.

SleepCare Service Model for CPAP Patients

When CPAP is prescribed, patients often go through an adjustment period which can be challenging. It is a period of physical and psychological adaptation. Several studies have taught us that the use of a licensed clinical social worker in the sleep lab will significantly improve accommodation to CPAP.

SleepCare provides group and individual sessions employing proprietary techniques for successful adjustment to CPAP. The effects of this program have been impressive over the past 10 years. Patients are taught the physical skills and “tricks” that remove and control physical sensations commonly reported by CPAP users that impede comfort.

Advanced tools for psychological adaptation are implemented for adjustment purposes, as well as prevention of future problems. Patients report that the self-talk and hypnosis tools they learn actually shorten the adjustment period dramatically. SleepCare staff takes pride in our of top-of-industry medical compliance record.

SleepCare Philosophy

Know that when you come for a sleep diagnostic procedure you will be afforded many additional services to comfortably bring you to a therapeutic conclusion with your prescribed medical device. We provide these services at no additional cost until you are comfortable with prescribed therapy.